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        1. To build an international brand of microfiber and its products,

          Focusing on A-glass, B-glass( 475#),C-glass and E-glass microfiber.

          Glass Microfiber Series

          Glass Microfiber Series

          Product Applications And Parameters

          Our offers include A-glass,B-glass(475#),C-glass and E-glass microfiber in pure white and with low wettability, incombustibility, resistance to high temperature and corrosion, even-distribution of filaments, low shot content, high tensile strength, large specific surface area and electric isolation. It is an ideal materials for absorption, filtration and thermal insulation. It is a superior mineral fiber, ideal material for absorption, filtration and thermal insulation. Can be widely used in electric power, chemical industry, aviation, trains, cars, ships, light steel construction, civil construction and other fields.